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2019 marked the second year of the Sydney Pen Show!

Sequels aren't usually that great, but thankfully we came back bigger and better thanks to the support of our loving and generous community.

Born out of a passion for pens, inks and paper - Mark and I wanted to connect to our growing community on a larger scale: to support local suppliers, retailers and Australian makers as well as bring hard to find stationery brands to a hungry group of pen addicts!

Not only that, we wanted everyone to have fun exploring their passion with workshops lead by artists devoted to their craft and eager to share.


We've been lucky enough to have both Richard Briggs and Liz Steel teach Urban Sketching; Moya Caroll, Ruben Tabuteau and Susan Tyler organise exciting Calligraphy workshops and Taveet Sinanian guide us through the Basics of Pen Tuning and Repair.

Together, we re-homed unwanted fountain pens to make room for holy grails found and raised money for The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation as well as Got a Pen?

We even had The Nib Section make a live podcast recording this year!

Most importantly, we got to make and meet pen friends: young and old; to collectively drool over each others pen collections and nerd out by the beautiful waters of Darling Harbour.

Thank you to everyone that supported us from the very beginning - without the kindness of our stallholders, our volunteers and our community there would be no Sydney Pen Show! 

Time to start planning 2020 :)

- Sophia

P.S In the meantime, make sure to check out Fountain Pens Australia and Fountain Pens Oceania for details on upcoming meet ups in your city!

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